Julie Wright - Auguste Contest Winner

Our 'How Good is Your Auguste' Photo Contest has ended with a BANG! We received 46 entries and each and everyone of them are awesome. We saw different styles and kinds of Auguste clowns with their own unique makeup.

But, among the dozens of participants, one stood out the most. Let's meet our winner - "Jewls the Clown."

Julie Wright also known as "Jewls the Clown' is a clown, juggler, and a magician. She has been clowning for 30 years. She studied business at a community college and noticed that there were no entertainers in her area. She knew that she can create a character who will be able to entertain in parties and events. 

She then started studying in the library and met Georgia & Harold Morris. Julie attended their clown events, joined clown organizations, got trained, and worked in the circus for several years. She also started teaching her clown skills to others. 

You can find her in her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/jewls.the.clown, and her website www.Jewlstheclown.com

Auguste Clown Entries


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