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Tippy Juggling

Tippy Juggling

How do you stop an angry clown mob? Go for the juggler!

Being a clown is a great lifestyle and opens the doors to learn so many fun skills and juggling is on the list. Early in my clown career I found the need to learn basic juggling as many of my clients asked if I could do some juggling at the show. After all, every clown everywhere should know how to juggle right? I purchased a book on juggling along with a set of juggling balls and began to read and practice. Fortunately I had friends who juggled and gave me some good tips. I wasn’t out to become a fancy juggler but wanted to do be able to enhance my show. I created a funny routine around my juggling skills and it works well for me and my audience has a good time with the bit. I always encourage other clowns to learn, as there are so many different styles of juggling and different props that nearly anyone can find something that works for them.


Juggling styles and props:



In addition to the basic 3 ball juggling there is also juggling scarves. The learning method is very similar to that of ball juggling with the exception you sort of lift and drop the scarves in pattern opposed to tossing them like balls, clubs, rings and other juggling props that have a bit of weight to them. Prop juggling is a skill of tossing objects in the air in different patterns while preventing them from falling to the ground, probably the method most familiar to the general public.

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Juggling props like mentioned above is just one option; one can also learn the Diabolo and Devil sticks for a variation. The Diabolo is kind of like a yo- yo that is not connected to the string. You have two sticks with a piece of string between, the diabolo rests on this string and as you move the sticks you generate momentum to spin the diabolo. The skilled juggler can keep the diabolo in action for a long time, tossing it in the air and catching it again on the string. Devil sticks consists of two control sticks and a tossing baton. The juggler flips the baton back forth with the sticks also spinning it around and tossing it into the air. Both the diabolo and devil sticks are a popular routine with Chinese acrobatics acts.


Plate spinning is yet another form of juggling this time the performer spins plates at the end of a thin rod, by flicking the wrist the performer keeps the plate spinning for long periods of time. The skilled performer can toss the plate in the air and catch once again on the rod or even have multiple plates spinning at once.


All of these methods require a good amount of practice to get even the basic maneuvers down, with more practice one can accomplish great routines with juggling. We carry several books and DVD’s to help you on your way to the art of juggling.

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