Kylo Ren inspired Balloon Saber

Red Light Saber

Red Light Saber

The Saga continues!

In keeping with the story line of the franchise, the latest installment of the Star Wars films has an awesome bad guy with a cool new weapon. Here is our take on Kylo Ren’s saber.


A red 260 twisting balloon

Balloon pump if needed.

Fully inflate the 260, release a small amount of the air, tie and soften balloon for easier twisting.

IMG_0002 (1) Cropped

Step 1. Twist a bubble about 5″ in length, enough for a good handle.

IMG_0003 (1) Cropped


Step 2. Twist a 4″ bubble.

IMG_0005 (1) Cropped


Step 3. Make a 1/2 inch bubble .

IMG_0007 (1) Cropped

Step 4. Ear twist the 1/2″ bubble.

IMG_0009 (1) Cropped

Step 5. Follow that with a second 4″ bubble.

IMG_0010 Cropped

Step 6. Lock twist those into the handle.

Steps 7-9

Repeat steps 2 though 5 for the opposite side of the saber.

IMG_0022 (1) Cropped

Step 10. Adjust the remainder of the balloon to form the blade of the saber and you are ready for battle.

The saber should look like this.

IMG_0008 Cropped

Stay tuned for the rebel forces counter attack!

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