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Clown slide whistle

Clown slide whistle

The New Year is knocking on the door and with all the fun and festivity of New Years Eve celebration this is the perfect time to talk about our noisemakers.  Besides the champagne toast or giving that special someone a big smooch when the ball drops, people love to make some noise to ring in the New Year. Horns, whistles and clappers are a staple at many New Year celebrations. We will take a look at these little gems and show you some other fun applications for noisemakers.

Fun Fact:

Speaking of the New Year, did you know that Russia celebrates the New Year like we celebrate Christmas here in the United States? They exchange gifts and even decorate a New Year tree. In Scotland, Hogmany is the term for their New Year celebration and is much more of a big deal than Christmas time.



We clowns already know the value of a good noisemaker in our clowning routines. Little squeakers can make any object a situation for laughter and wonder. Have a small squeaker concealed in your hand and touch any object or give a child’s nose a little squeeze and a mysterious squeak is heard. There is also a version of this squeaker that attaches to the shoe to give you a squeak while you walk.


The mosquito whistle had been a classic forever and has recently gained popularity as a voice of one of the puppets, Chica, on the Sunny Side Up show. This is a clever use of the mosquito whistle giving this adorable little chick a voice. The hand held Duck Call squeaker gives you a similar sound.


If you are a fan of old comedies you should remember the Marx Brothers and the unforgettable Harpo and his horns, which were a means for him to communicate, as he did not speak. Clowns today still love to use horns when they perform and really put them to use in parades to be heard over the noise of the crowds.

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We have a cornucopia of clappers, squeakers, kazoos and other noisemakers that would turn your New Year or any other celebration into a clattering concert. If you click on the link of a noisemaker, most of them have a sound byte so you can hear them prior to purchase.

Have fun and have a safe and Happy New Year!



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