Let's Wrap It Up!

This routine is a work in progress. I start by inflating a balloon a little at a time. The audience wants it bigger, so I blow it up as much as possible. Then I put the balloon in a box.

The balloon is obviously too big for the box; I make a show of trying to force it so that I can close the box, and intentionally pop the balloon. Chahloula is actually happy that the box can close now. The audience sees the popped balloon in the box, but they don't see the identical balloon concealed in the box.

The fun continues when Chahloula tries to wrap the box, but gets the wide tape stuck to her fingers, making funny faces while trying to tear the tape with her teeth, of course!

I shake hands with someone and the tape sticks to his hand. Then everyone wants to shake hands with Chahloula!

Not only does the tape get stuck to my fingers, but I manage to get it stuck to my back.

The audience really laughs when they keep saying it is behind me and I keep turning around to look!

As I said, this routine is a work in progress. One time, the tape fell on the floor so I stepped on it and pretended my foot was stuck to the floor. I have included that bit since then.

I realized that colored tape would be easier for the audience to see. I found some silver tape, but it curls up and does not look as nice as the clear kind. I will keep looking for colored tape.

Chahloula finally gets the box wrapped. A while later, she sees the gift on the table with her name on it. 

When Chahloula opens the box, she is happy to see a balloon inside and inflates the balloon. For some reason, the audience doesn't seem surprised that the balloon is fine. A friend suggested that I needed to open the box sooner because the audience forgot about it already.  I will try that next time.

Working with the tape is the highlight of this routine. Maybe I just need to find another legitimate reason to be using the tape...

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