Magic Box Mystery Video tutorial

Hey kids what time is it? Well it’s time for your old pal Dan to demonstrate easy to learn magic!


Yes we have another segment at the Clown Channel to show off some more of the great magic that we have here at Clown Antics.  The magic box is a clever item that allows the performer to produce or vanish items from a small box in just a few simple moves.  The box is shown to be absolutely empty before and after the magic happens, which will really leave your crowd wanting more.


This magic box works well with smaller items such as silks, streamers or even candy. This prop is also a great means to vanish a silk for a trick like 20th century silks. If you have a steady hand, you could even vanish liquid due to the special design of this box. There are so many possibilities when it comes to the ways to incorporate a magic box into your routine, so don’t hesitate any longer, take a look at the video and see how clever this little magic box can be.

We also carry a variety of silks and streamers that would be a great load for the magic box.

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