Magic Coloring Book Routine

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The Coloring Book is a must have for any kid show performer; it's fun and simple to use. This is a 3 stage routine; first showing your coloring book to be blank, a magic word and some help from your audience, you now have line drawings. For the Big Finish, the audience helps you magically color in the drawings and Ta Da, the book is in full color. Clown Antics carries several different coloring books here

Step No. 1
Step No. 2
Step No. 3

How does this all happen you ask? The pages of the book are beveled three ways (see photo) using your thumb, flip through the book at the top, middle or bottom and you achieve the three effects. After I show the book blank, I ask the kids to tell me what they think should be in the magical coloring book, we then use our imaginations to draw the pictures. Now for coloring, the kids are asked to throw colors from their close at the book, this is how we get the pictures colored. The kids truly have been a part of this magically experience.

Tips:  Take your time flipping through the pages so that everyone gets the full affect of the book.

There are a variety of styles to choose from, magic, circus and even religious coloring books.

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