Magic Die Box Routine

The Die Box or Sucker Die Box is a classic piece of magical apparatus. There are several versions on the market ranging from $15.00 to $70.00 or more, but well worth the investment. Clown Antics carries a Sucker Die Box here. Display the box to the audience, open the doors to reveal a large die inside the box. Remove the die for a moment, placing it somewhere out of sight, like inside of a top hat. Now fully show the box to be empty, then close all the doors and place the box down with the doors now facing you. Retrieve the die from it's hiding place and explain that you can make it vanish using your magic box. Open one of top doors and place the die inside. With all the doors closed again, you explain the die will vanish on the count of three, as you count, tip the box side to side, there will be a loud clunk each time the box is tipped, thus telling the audience the die is just sliding side to side. You open the front door opposite where the die has landed to reveal the vanish. The kids will immediately inform you that it's on the other side. Tip the box so that the die slides the other way and now open the door that the audience asked you to. This now make them scream to open the other door again. At this point you can open the top doors, keep sliding the die back and forth until the kids are begging to see all doors open at once. Finally you open all the doors revealing die has vanished. The kicker ending is that the die will now reappear in the top hat. You now soak in the thunderous applause.

Step No. 1
Step No. 2
Step No. 3
Step No. 4

How it works: Two secret devices; a rattler, that makes the clunk noise, and a shell that fits over the die but will match the inside of the box making invisible to the audience, (see photos) are what make this trick possible and seemingly impossible. This is a guaranteed crowd favorite and is really quite easy to perform. When you pull the die from the box, you are actually taking both the die and the shell and placing them in the hat. Later, you remove the shell leaving the die behind, but from the audience view the think it is the die. The shell must slide into the box with the blacked out side faces outward, (see photos) so that when the box is opened it appears to have vanished.

Tips: Remember, no matter how good your magic prop is, it is nothing without a good story, and practice make perfect.

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There are enough spoiler websites & youtube pages divulging how magic tricks work. This has to be a new low when the magic dealer is divulging how the trick works.

For years, when you purchased a magic trick, you were not only purchasing the trick, you were also paying to find out how it is done.

Donald Carpenter

I just received my sucker die box and the sliding inside the box does not work. It seems to be stuck. What do I do to make it work?

Gaetan beaulieu

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