Making New Friends at School


As much as I love going places that I have never been to before, I also enjoy going, and clowning, with people who already know Mimi. When the students see Mimi again, it is like they are seeing an old friend!


I have a few pictures to share from October, 2014 when we met with our friends from the US in the northern part of Tunisia. On this trip, we didn’t just visit one school, we visited 3 different schools. Each of the schools was filled with students who walk over and around mountains (hills) to get to school each day.


Just to clarify, when I say ‘we’ go to these places, ‘we’ do more than just clown. Sometimes while I am clowning with half of the students, the other half will be doing something educational with other members of the group. The students get twice the excitement! They learn and do something fun, and then they get to spend time with Mimi, or vice versa. I am pointing this out because Mimi is not the star of the show; she is just a part of what we do here. Okay, having said that, let’s move on!

The first school we went to was the one closest to the village where our friends live. We have been there several times over the past few years. The kids know us, and they love to see Mimi every time we visit.


After ‘Jebel Chaara School’, we went to another school. Each one was so different in the way the students welcomed us. These kids do not see many foreigners, especially foreigners who look, and act, like clowns. We all have such a good time with the children! The students at this school were happy to meet us and warmed up to us quickly.


The students at the last school, however, were more shy. Many were afraid of Mimi. I made a show of being sad because they were running away from me. I sat down on the sidewalk and then this one precious girl wanted to be friends!



Everyone relaxed and became friends after that. The kids enjoyed the clowning and the fun lessons with the other part of the group.


No matter where we go, the kids love when Mimi involves their teachers. It’s not very often the kids are allowed to laugh at their teachers! I think the teachers enjoy it, too!

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