Making Sure Your Clown Makeup Stays On And Looks Good

It can happen anytime, especially when you are starting out as a clown and don’t have much experience. At the beginning of your clowning career you will tend to make mistakes.

Clown Pikorete Having a Crazy Hair Day

Clown Pikorete Having a Crazy Hair Day

For example, you might find yourself with makeup running down on a part of your face or everywhere on your face. You might get a paint smudge here and there. There will be big white blobs of paint in your eye’s tear duct.

One area that is prone for mistakes is your own clown makeup. Here you will find a few tips to make sure that when you end your clown event, your clown makeup looks as flawless as when you arrived.

Make Sure Your Skin is Clean

First you have to make sure you clean your face really well, especially if you have oily skin. If your skin is dry and/or sensitive, add a little dab of moisturizer.

Apply a Base

Second, using a makeup sponge or your fingers, apply a small layer of your grease base makeup. Depending on your clown type, this base can be white, red/brown shades for the Auguste clown and black for the Tramp clown.

If your makeup is in powder form, make sure to wet the sponge a little before applying the makeup. Use a stroking motion to apply it.

The paint should be even in all areas. If you see any inconsistency, apply more or thin the area if it has heavy makeup on it. After you have applied the makeup in all the areas, pat it up with the makeup sponge to give it a consistent look all over.

Clown Pikorete Before & After

Clown Pikorete Before & After

Powder, Powder, Powder

The third step is a very important to get it done right. You need a powder puff or a cotton sock to do this. Pour about a tablespoon of super white theatrical powder for White Face clown or fair for Auguste clown into your powder puff or cotton sock. If you are using a powder puff, make sure the powder is completely in it.

If you are using a cotton sock, the powder goes inside. Tap lightly the powder puff or sock on to the makeup. Cover all the areas that have makeup. This will prevent the colors to blend together and helps on holding the paint longer on your skin without bleeding.

Draw Your Design

Fourth step. After you have the base powdered on, you can start to apply your design on top of it. You can use sponges, grease color crayons, grease color pencils and brushes to paint your preferred and unique design. The sponge can be used to fill the areas around the mouth, eyes or where you need a large area painted.

The crayons and pencils can be used for drawing the outlines and then filling it up with the sponge or brushes. That way you can minimize mistakes. The pencils and fine brushes can be used for little details.

Playful Look Pikorete The Clown

Playful Look Pikorete The Clown

I recommend not using cheap brushes because the hair will not be in their place and this will ruin your design and the hair usually tends to fall off of them. After you apply your color, you should use the same setting technique mentioned before to set the color so it will not smear or blend into each other.

Add Blush

Fifth and last step, Blush. Men should use the cream blush because it has a brighter look. Girls can use the powder blush because it gets a soft and pretty look. The cream blush can be applied with your fingers or a makeup sponge. Dampen your makeup sponge before applying the powder blush. Then set it again with setting powder.


Pikorete The Clown and Pompita The Face Painter serves the area in Rochester, NY and nearby cities. Pikorete likes to celebrate Birthdays for kids and adults alike, Baby Showers, Sweet 16, Graduations, Weddings, school parties and any other event that the host wants it to be fun. His specialty is making little people and big people, young and old, laugh with his funny games, dances, and other crazy stuff that he does or that he invents at the moment. You can visit his website at


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Some of my Nye Clown white seems to have gotten really thick and hard. Is there a way to “rehydrate” it


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