Meet Belinda Wurmitzer: Patriotic Face Paint Winner

Meet the contest entrant who painted the best red, white and blue. And that’s right, she isn’t even American. Belinda Wurmitzer hails from Carinthia, Austria. When I asked her why, as an Austrian, she entered this contest, she said, “I found it on facebook and thought it would be fun to do.”

Face painting since 2009, Belinda got her start in the art form during a festival in Austria. She says, “I visited the world Bodypainting Festival here in Austria and was overwhelmed by this artform. So I decided to take a class during the academy week to learn how I could paint my own kids during carnival time. When I was in this two day class I had so much fun and I enjoyed that so much, I decided that I wanted to do this as a professional someday.”

And the mother of four who enjoys playing theatre with her children, Belinda has been full time as a face painter since 2018. This diligent craftswoman does belly painting, works parties, applies temporary glitter and airbrush tattoos, applies both theatre and bridal makeup, and does photo shoots with “a little bit of henna.”

Belinda says her goals is to, “learn and teach around the world.” She also says her more present goal is to, “Paint for a thousand days in a row” and she is currently on day number 875 and has not taken a break yet.

When asked what keeps a woman with such a tenacious work ethic going, Belinda explains it’s her breakfast of brown bread with marmalade and hot chocolate.

If you want to follow the most assiduous international superstar body painting has ever seen, follow Belinda at or on Instagram and facebook under bodypaintingbelindawurmitzer.  

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