Meet My New Clown Friend!!

YAY!! Chahloula found a clown friend! My new friend is a ten year old girl; the middle daughter in a family I have known for seven years. She told me, in Tunisian Arabic of course, that she wants to be a clown.

That picture was from June, 2012 when I stopped by their home after a clown event. I guess Mimi made an impression. The girl in the forefront is Ameni.

And here she is now, trying on my leftover clown clothes. I will have fun looking for costume ideas at the used clothing market on Saturday. 

When I went to her home to put makeup on her, I used my greasepaint. I could have used face paint, since it is easier to put on and take off, but, to be honest, I didn't think of it until afterwards. Plus, she wanted to go out into the neighborhood and face paint might not have looked so good after an hour in the Tunisian heat. (Even at 5:00 in the evening it is still hot!)

Her older sister is starting to learn English, but communicating is difficult. I wanted her to BE a clown, not just LOOK like one. I told her that she is the clown. She gets to pick her name, her face design, and costume, as much as possible, anyways.  

So here is Chuku Chuka.... (Prounounced Shu ku Shu ka)...

When someone put a 260 pencil balloon around her neck like a bow, I told her, if she liked it, keep it; if she didn't like it, get rid of it. She immediately took it off. She is the clown!  Friends often have opinions and suggestions for us, and we are free to utilize the suggestions, or not. 

Chuku Chuka was eager to walk around the neighborhood. Her younger sister wanted to get in on the action also. I feel Ameni is a better age to start clowning. This time, we merely walked around and handed out balloons and candy. Next time, after we practice some funny bits together, we will do more. We all started somewhere, right?

We visited some friends, and then we came to a whole group of kids. They wanted us to put on a show right then. One of these days we will.

While we were out, I asked Chuku Chuka if she felt like a clown on the inside, as much as she looked like a clown on the outside. I am delighted to say, she said that she felt like a clown in her heart! 

And a Tunisian clown is born!

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I loved this thank you for sharing really inspiring im 23 years old aspiring to create my own circus one day I hope we can save the future of clowns with our new generation!

Grandpi Tuu

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