Meet our Clown Props Contest Winners! (PICTURES)

Being a clown is not easy - but it sure is FUN! It's even more fun when our beloved clowns use the wackiest props to complement their act or routine! 

That is why we created a contest that would showcase the wackiest, the most creative, funniest clown props being used! And boy, we sure did see them! 

But, among the entries, we found the ones that topped the list! Let's meet the winners! 

See all contest entries here.

Gracie Magna Pedibus the Clown

With 173 votes, Gracie Magna Pedibus the Clown, won our Voters' Award! With the classic wipped cream pie, a lot of people surely knows what's next...

Yup, that's what's next! Haha! 

According to Gracie...

"I've only been clowning as Gracie Magna Pedibus the Clown for about 6 months. But my husband and teacher, Slappo the Clown, has been studying clowning for more than 20 years.

We have a lot of fun clowning as a couple (and with friends!) and we do it for a very specific reason. It's such fun to be a clown: to make people laugh at either a slapstick joke or the absurdity of my outfit, nose, or shoes! (Speaking of which, I have to give a shout out to Spear Specialty Shoes for my wonderful clown shoes! They're extremely comfortable while also being appropriately ridiculous!)"


Here are more of their photos! 

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April Fool and Kookie

This is the wackiest selfie we've seen in the while! The reason why our judges picked this picture as our Judge's Pick Winner! Do you think their 'selfie' turned out great? 

Rita Scranton a.k.a. "April Fool" and Jenny Gleeson  a.k.a. "Kookie" posed for this photo during an Improv skit on the Bricktown Clowns' "Camp Funny Bone" camp for children last year. Thanks to their colleague, Jeri Howell a.k.a. "Buttercup" the photo came our AWESOME! 

According to Rita...

The Bricktown Clowns have a "Camp Funny Bone" camp for children each year. During the Improv and Skits class, we came up with the "selfie" idea. Fellow clown, Jeri Howell (a.k.a. Buttercup) had her camera ready.
I hope to use the prize to buy make-up items for Camp Funny Bone. Last year we has a Super Hero theme and made capes out of T-shirts. This is a photo array of some of the instructors and "clownslers"


A little background on their clown characters...

April Fool - Since I was born on April Fool's Day, I tell people I was born a clown. I have been a professional clown and mime for a little over 25 years. I am Deaf and my characters usually do not speak. I love acting silly and encouraging laughter. For props I often use bubbles, out-sized items like combs and scissors or under-sized items like an umbrella or very small hat. I also juggle things like small stuffed animals or perhaps jingle bells at Christmas time.

Kookie - I have been a clown for 7 years and have loved every moment. I wanted to become a clown after attending a friends Clowning 101 graduation. It didn't happen right away but a few years later I put on a red nose for the first time and I was hooked. My clown friends named me Kookie (pronounced cookie) because I LOVE to bake cookies for everyone. Kookie loves being silly with her friends taking selfies, creating laughter and smiles.

Check out all the entries in the Clown Props Contest below


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