Meet our Giveaway Winner - Dolli The Clown.


My Full Clown name is... 1st name ... HeySeed" Middle .name.... But You Can Call Me.....and my last name is...."Dolli".... The Clown.

A lot of people call me "Dolli" I answer to almost anything!!! LOL

I have been clowning for 35 years, the 26th of this month! So this makes a great B-Day present!!! I love your company, you have great prices for the quality. Plus Great Contests and prizes.



Not to leave out the entertainment, and furthering education for us!! On behalf of others, I, Thank You for that!!

Way back when, a friend of mine, asked if I wanted to be a clown in the Lafayette, Indiana Christmas Parade. So we went to La Fireworks and got make-up on a stick (Popsicle stick) in fact, and a wig.


And for Some basic supplies, we went to the Salvation Army, got some outfits,
did a little practicing, and thought we looked great! We did feel good about it and had fun with the crowd!

So in the weeks to come, she read in the paper, that (Don "Ski" Berkoski) Was training clowns, so I signed up, but she did not! He taught 10 weeks of (intensive training) I like to say!! He'd bring models for the 3 types of clowns back then (one per week). They would put on their make-up for us and while they were getting dressed, we would practice that type (WF) and then be critiqued.



All week we would practice that type and so on for the Auguste, Tramp/Hobo.
In the 4th week, he would have Wigs, Noses, some outfits, and other supplies available for us to buy. The next week we learned skits.

That's how I got my start!!!!


I've gone on volunteering, then teaming up doing Gigs then finally on my own! Also clowning with our group regularly. Went to every convention and learned what I could. I've even won a few competitions and trophies and medals. I still to this day go to as many conventions and participate in quite a few! Clowning has taken me all over the World! Including India and Thailand.

It's given me such GREAT adventures I never would have had the opportunity to have otherwise!!


Thru the years I have done repeat Birthday Parties, even children of the children I did parties for!!!! What an amazing life I have had!!!!! I have (been hired) clowned at repeat restaurants, Company Picnics, and even repeat Festivals.

I just turned 73 in February, and since Covid, I have slowed down considerably!
But still have had a few Parties, Gigs. A big one coming up in a couple of weeks and a big one in September. I do Pocket Magic, Face Painting, and Balloons.


Plus 2 more conventions this year. One In Coco Beach FL (August) (SECA) the other in Indianapolis for The Midwest (MCA). In 2024 COAI is in Niagra Falls, and not sure what else after that!

I have gone to Vincences, The home of Red Skelton for years, they Have a Parade and Festival honoring Red's Birthday. I'll have to miss it this year. As I have a big gig the next day, the drive is 3 plus hours for me, I usually go Friday & Saturday and stay in the dorm then head for home Sunday.

The Festival is all Day Saturday, downtown and at the University. Brian "Red Skelton" Hoffman, "is the Official", Red Skelton Impersonator! Red's wife will be there again this year, she has come to the fest. for a few years now.

Thru clowning, I have met some famous people, and have formed bonds with so many clowns.

I may not be rich, but I've had a Rich LIFE!!

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