Melanie Zinser - Clown Week Giveaway Winner

Clown Week, this year, was a blast. We have seen so much awesome events by our beloved clowns in social media and seeing these passionate joy-givers lifts up the heart. 

As you may remember, we ran a Clown Week Giveaway last August and it was a lot of fun seeing lots of friendly clowns from all over. Clowns shared their clown week photos and they were lovely. 

But, as how all giveaways end, there is always one lucky winner and it's time to get to know more about our winner!

Melanie Zinser have been clowning for 30 years! She started with The Master's Clowns Christian Clowning Troupe in Red Bank, NJ. After learning more about the craft from such wonderful mentors like Lulu the Clown, she started doing what she calls "commercial clowning", parties and events, as well. Now, she does exclusively Christian and charity clowing in Central Ohio.

"I am a firm believer that JOY is essential to a better world - especially as an expression of my faith.  Christian and Caring clowning gives me the opportunity to express that. The way the Master's Clowns could bring joy AND a message of love and hope inspired me to pursue and perfect my look, my character and my performance."

Here are some of her other photos she shared with us. 

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Wonderful! Sounds awesome!

Nurse Lulu

Wonderful! Sounds awesome!

Nurse Lulu

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