Metallic Droid Mask Design


There is something about droids and their innate combination of bravery and vulnerability which captures the hearts of fans. Here’s a quick mask with which you can practice your metallic look skills.


Paradise metallic gold
Mehron gold powder
Paradise light blue
Paradise dark blue
TAG pearl black
Diamond FX white
Diamond FX black
TAG yellow
1/2-inch flat brush
#1 round brush
#2 round brush
 Stencil – HAS5003 (4028)


Begin by spritzing your Paradise metallic gold with water and tapping a little Mehron gold powder on it while it’s still wet. Mix the powder into the gold and use your 1/2-inch flat brush to create the shape for the droid’s head and shoulders. Sponge around the shape with Paradise light blue.


Blend a darker blue around the outer edge of the lighter blue with a sponge.


Then sponge a little black along the outer edge, blending into the dark blue.


Using your #2 round brush, mix some Diamond FX white and TAG yellow together to make a light yellow which is very opaque. Use this to make the highlighted shapes on the droid’s face. I used white and yellow rather than white and gold, because when you mix the white and the gold together, you get a terrible color which definitely does not look like light that’s being reflective. White and yellow are much more effective for this task.


In the background, use the HAS stencil 4028 to create a texture which is reminiscent of binary code by sponging very dry TAG black pearl on the stencil while holding it in place. You’ll have to move it around a few times to cover the forehead completely.


Using your #1 round brush and the Diamond FX black, you’re going to create a fine outline and add the details. Because of the highlighting shapes underneath, it will begin to take on a metallic look.


Finally, add some completely white highlights to the design.




Enjoy your droid design.

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.

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