Mimi and YouYou


Living in a foreign country can be lonely. Solo clowning can also be lonely. So what does a clown do when she is living in a foreign country? She makes friends, of course!


A Dutch friend volunteered with us at the refugee camps in 2011. One time, I entertained children in a tent and then planned on walking around the camp visiting families in their tents.

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We hadn’t gone very far when I felt something in the toe of my shoe. Something wasn’t right! I took my shoe off, felt inside, and pulled out a  pink clown nose!


I don’t know how it got there, but that day Mimi met YouYou. My friend Monique put that nose to good use! That pink nose set the clown in Monique free, and it was more fun to clown around with another clown. Granted, to be a good clown requires training and practice, but in a refugee camp in North Africa, these two clowns were appreciated!


Monique and I live close to each other in a small town between two tourist cities along the coast. We decided to try clowning together in a neighborhood day care center. When we introduced ourselves, we told them we were practicing so we did not want any money.


Mimi and YouYou haven’t worked together much since then, but it was fun to have another clown around, even if just for a while.


This is the perfect time for me to share something that I have wanted to say. I feel more connected to the clown world since I started writing for Clown Antics. When I tell my stories, I know that I am not the only one who has had these feelings, fears, and experiences. As a clown, I have felt alone for many years, but not anymore! I now feel a real connection to other clowns. I am just one of many around the world who works to bring joy to people who need it desperately.


We may not know each other’s names, but we have shared a lot. Surely I am not the first clown to cry after an event because of the sad situation and surroundings. I can’t be the only clown to stop traffic while sitting in a car, trying to get to the show.


And I know that I am not the only clown to absolutely love every child I see.


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