Mismade Flag Magic Routine

Patriotic Magic

When it comes to magic with a patriotic theme one trick stands the test of time; the Mismade Flag. This is a very colorful piece of magic with plenty of laughs and great magic throughout the routine. I find a change bag is the prop to use with this routine.

What You Need:


Performer shows the audience three silks, 1 red, 1 white, 1 blue, asking the audience if they know something that could be made from these silks that is red, white and blue. An American Flag! is usually shouted from the crowd. 

Bring an assistant up to help you change your silks into a flag using your magic wand and change bag. The assistant has the red and white silks and the wand, the performer holds the bag and blue silk. 

Instruct the assistant to place their silks in the bag, and wave the magic wand over the bag after you place your silk in. 

Time this action so that you both go for the bag at once and accidentally drop your blue silk on the floor. 

Reveal the first mismade flag which, is missing the blue. 

Have your assistant take the blue silk with the mismade flag and place them in the bag; waving the magic wand to fix the mistake. Now all the colors are there but they are mixed up. 

This really gets the crowd laughing as tell you that it's still wrong. Performer states that all the colors are there; the crowd is going to insist you fix it. Finally the mismade flag goes back into the bag, wave the wand once more and out comes the beautiful American flag.

How the Magic Trick Works

First off, the change bag is one of the most useful props in a magicians kit. You can produce, vanish and even change items while using a change bag. The bag has a second, secret bag that is controlled by a lever in the handle. 

The mismade flag has all you need, three silks red, white, blue. Two mis made flags and one regular flag. 

I load all three flags in the secret portion of the bag, in the order of appearance. This way you can show the bag empty at the beginning of your routine. 

The blue and white silks go in the other part of the bag during the routine, as well as the mismade flags. This will now leave the secret bag empty after you produce the regular flag if you choose to show the bag is empty at the end of the trick. 

Final Words

This routine is great for Memorial Day and Fourth of July celebrations, but a good patriotic routine is always well received.
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