Most Famous Hair in the USA.


Is it real or fake, a toupee or come over? These are the real answers the American people want from business mogul and now presidential candidate Donald Trump. His hair seems to have a personality all to it’s own. Okay so what does this all have to do with clowning? Well the idea of a clown character as you may know started back with Greek and Roman Theater as a means to poke fun at the government and powers that be. Now they did not have the red nose, makeup and big floppy shoes, but the idea of lampooning through an odd character that might resemble a figure of government was more the scheme. This certainly can be seen in the monologues of late night show hosts today or in a skit on SNL.

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When you have someone like the Donald who lends himself so easily to parody, we couldn’t miss the opportunity. Love him or hate him, one can’t help but admit Mr. Trump is a bit of a cartoon character with the interesting hair and more comical facial expressions than Jim Carey. To this day people still don the Richard Nixon and wave their hands in the peace sign for costume parties.


This brings us to the idea of a Donald Trump Halloween costume. Grab a business suit, dress shirt and power tie and of course the Donald wig and get working on the facial expressions because this I believe will be the next big thing at costume parties this year. Dressing as a political figure past or present for a costume party is always a classic and pretty easy to put together. Now if you don’t have a suit, take a tip from our article on Creative Costumes and stop by the resale shop.



If this is not your cup of tea, we carry quite a few other wigs that might inspire you on another costume idea.


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