My Friend! My Friend!

"My friend, my friend!" That is what the refugees, children and adults, call us when they want something. Even Chahloula was addressed as 'My friend'. I never had so many friends in my life! I like it here.

But seriously, I do like it here and I will be returning to work at the women and children's center in November and December. Looks like I will be spending Christmas on the Greek island of Lesvos.

Clowning went better this week. At least Chahloula got to do more than just make balloon animals. I am sorry that I don't have many pictures. My photographers, aka my husband and daughter, are not here with me. My co-workers at the center are, well, busy working while I am clowning around. There is a steady flow of women and children coming and going throughout the day.

I may not have as many pics this week, but I have stories to share. This time, when making balloon animals became too chaotic, I went in the kitchen to inflate more balloons. The kitchen is off limits to guests, so I was able to escape when necessary.

It became essential early in the afternoon because Chahloula had been around for a few hours and the children were getting a little too familiar with her. A few kids were reaching for my blue eyelashes and pink nose. I remember situations like that when I worked with the Red Cross at the Tunisian refugee camps. When I am around for a long time, the children start getting too chummy with me.

I used the speakers with the computer and we played several wild games of musical chairs. After that, we danced to some songs. 

I didn't bring my stuffed fish for playing catch, so I bought a small ball. That was fun, until a boy kicked it instead of throwing it. 

I loved one particular little girl who was enjoying my bunny hand puppet tremendously. With my hand still in the puppet, she held the bunny close to her chest. One of the ears is ready to fall off, so I don't let it off my hand; I am very protective of my bunny. That girl was so precious to watch, and feel, as she held the bunny!

I will miss, "My friend, my friend!", but I am going back to Tunisia; I am going home to "Mama LeeAnn!" I must say, I am looking forward to hearing that.

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