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Check out the new Balloon Menus!

Have you used a balloon menu before? This is a handy tool that can really help make your restaurant balloon gigs go smooth and help take the guess work out of what kind of balloon animal your customers could have. Beautiful color illustrations with descriptions of the balloons fill the menu, similar to that of a restaurant menu and food.

New look:

BalloonMenu-Page1-pub02-17-16 Cropped

If you have one of the original balloon menus and enjoyed it that’s great.  We recently gave our menu an update with many of the same balloons and a couple of new twists as well. This new menu features the artwork of Jennifer Leonard who also has been creating our fun new clown cartoons like the one of Snudek reading the menu at the top of our article. Welcome to the team Jennifer!

Order up!

So the idea of the menu is while working a restaurant gig or similar venue, you hand out the menu to the customer, they look to see what kind of balloons you offer thus eliminating down time of people ask the question “what kind of balloons do you make?” Not to mention it is just fun and different which adds a bit of style to your performance.

The line up:

The menu contains many popular balloons like the dog, giraffe, flower and sword along with bracelets and hats. Most of the balloons in the menu are single balloon designs and are not overly complicated twists; most balloon twisters should be able to achieve all balloons offered in the menu. If you need help with any of the designs in the menu we  have a large selection of books and DVD’s on balloon twisting.

The menu folds nice and flat to easily fit into your gig bag and can be carried around with your gear with no trouble at all. We hope you try one and have fun using with your twisting gigs.

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