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One challenge while ordering unfamiliar paints and brands is deciding which will be the best fit for you, so if you haven’t had a chance to get to know some of Clownantic’s newest arrivals, I hope the information below will help you get acquainted with them.

Kryvaline Neon Pink

Kryvaline’s neon pink is absolutely gorgeous, whether under regular light or blacklight, and if you haven’t tried it out, you may want to add it to your palette this year. Although neons tend to be a little on the sheer side, making them better for large areas rather than line work, the intense pink still brings vibrancy to any split cake it’s part of, and is almost certain to increase the wow-factor for masks and butterflies designs you use it for.


Kryvaline One Stroke Split Fairy Rainbow

Kryvaline’s Fairy Rainbow has a lovely color balance with the vivid pink neon on one side and the vibrant red on the other. While the red tends to be a little domineering, the neon pink on the opposite side of the small split cake helps to bring equilibrium to the colors in this dynamic rainbow cake. Overall, it performs beautifully as a rainbow, and if you load your brush with a careful straight motion, it should not become muddy during use.


Kryvaline Metallic Green

The Kryvaline Metallic Green provides excellent skin coverage, especially for a metallic. I was equally impressed by it’s ability to produce crisp lines when I painted teardrops and line work.


It has a creamy consistency, and after washing it off (thoroughly with soap first, followed by water), there was hardly a stain on my skin. While I always warn kids and adults that dark green colors like this could stain slightly, especially when painting on the face, I believe it would make a good color choice for masquerade-style masks.


Kryvaline Creamy Essential Blue

Generally, dark blues (often used for superhero masks) can look streaky and require a second coat, but Kryvaline Creamy Essential Blue does a good job of creating a nice, solid blue on the skin. When I tried it out on my arm, I could detect a little skin tone through it, and would probably add a second coat, but it did cover well the first time and is a beautiful royal blue color. The key, according Olga Murasev, is to work water into your paint well enough to have a thick, creamy consistency before you begin painting. If you begin prematurely it will be too thin, causing streaking.


Global Body Art Standard Teal

Almost no color compares to teal, regardless of brand, when it comes to staining. Global teal, however, is not a terrible stainer.


In fact, when I used it as part of the split cake Bavaria and left it on my arm overnight to test it for staining, I was easily able to wash it off in the morning by soaping it until the paint completely lifted, and then rinsing with water.



Global teal is a great option for oceanic or mermaid designs. It can feel a little tight on the skin when it dries, causing a light crackling on the surface, but by painting underneath it with a creamier paint, it will help avoid any feeling of tightness on the skin.

Global Body Art Pearl Magenta

Global’s magenta was such an intense deep pink that it took center stage almost immediately as a must-have, especially since it possessed the excellent quality of being of a good for line work. So if you love Global magenta already, you’ll probably like their pearl magenta as well. It carries all the vibrancy of the original, plus a soft pearl shimmer which girls will love for masks. Pearl magenta is a little more sheer than it’s matte counterpart, but if you’re concerned by this, you could couple it with the standard magenta to give it more opacity. It also provides clear lines and teardrops.


Global Split Cake Bavaria

Global has some beautiful one stroke split cakes, and by combining teal, white, magenta, and dark purple, Bavaria takes its place as one of the most lovely. By placing teal on one side of the split cake and dark purple on the other, it becomes flexible and can be turned either way for florals or butterflies, depending which colors you’d like to have dominate your design. It loads well on the wide brush and flows smoothly on the skin.


Global Body Art Neon Yellow

All neons are fairly sheer, making it important to work water into them well to build up as good a consistency as possible before painting.


You can use also use neons with other colors in splits to compensate for their sheer qualities, but whether used with other colors or alone, Global neon yellow will delivers an excellent glow under black light and a vivid yellow on the skin in regular light.


Not all neon pigments have been tested by the FDA for cosmetic use. As always, read the label of your face paint for usage recommendations and make sure you are within your insurance policy’s parameters when using face paints.

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. Stop by for more of her tutorials and articles. Beth also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.

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