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With all the talk of contests for best makeup, balloon sculptures and the like, we don’t want to leave the beginner clowns in the dust. When looking at all the options for clown gear, make up, props and gags, your head may be spinning already. Well never fear, the Clown Guide is here! The clown guide link is there to help navigate anyone, especially the First of May clowns, through the wonderful world of clowning. You will see a menu full of options to help answer questions and lend helpful information. The Clown Guide has past articles on clown techniques and activities as well as links to National Clown organizations.  We also have current blog posts to help teach the ways of clowning and share topics geared for family entertainers.

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We understand that you may be overwhelmed at first, but take your time and search our website for helpful tips like making a starter costume, proper makeup application techniques or finding a wig. Also look for coupons and discounted items to help save money as you get started on your journey.

Our newest addition to the help section is our Clown Channel; this is where you can find video tutorials to assist you in building some skills. Currently we have balloon twisting and easy to do magic videos, but look for more fun stuff to come like juggling lessons and makeup tips.

Finding a clown alley in your area is also a good idea, there you can mingle with seasoned clowns and hopefully get some face time and see clowning first hand. We look forward to being there for you as you grow in your clown life.

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