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A new take on a classic look.

Lite Auguste makeup is derived from what has been common place in Europe for many years and is a style all it’s own. As this look has made it’s way to the states, the COAI has embpraced the look and allowed this as a classification in the makeup portion of the clown competition.

Here is an excerpt from the COAI makeup rules to help explain this look.

Lite Auguste

  1. Make-up: The design of Lite Auguste makeup is much smaller and not designed for working in an arena or in front of a large audience. It is designed for working in a more intimate setting such as one-on-one at a birthday party, in a hospital, on the street, etc. The design incorporates an eye accent, mouth, eyebrow, nose (artificial or painted on) and lite cheek accent.  Makeup does not cover entire face, ears and/or neck.  The use of a base makeup is optional. If a base is applied, it does not have to reach all areas of the face and neck. A muzzle is optional, but, if used, should be small in size.  NO COLOR WIG IS USED. Natural hair or lack there of is preferred. If a wig is used because of lack of hair, it should look like natural hair.  The design/style of your human hair or lack thereof will be judged in support of the overall makeup design.  No glitter or highlights of any type shall be incorporated in the lite clown makeup design.
  2. Costume: The supporting costume will be more pedestrian/human like (i.e.:  people clothes). Washable fabrics would be used.  Costume design will incorporate more secondary colors, such as green, orange and violet as well as browns and sands. The use of primary colors will be minimized.   Pants, dresses, shirts, skirts, vests, ties, accent pieces will be more human like. They can be baggy or tight. No large embellishments are needed. Gloves are optional.  NO CLOWN JACKETS WOULD BE WORN. Costume pattern can be plaid, checks, and solid color and emphasizes the secondary and/or earth tone colors.  Neither shiny satin fabric nor glitter would be incorporated in the costume, such as sequin ties, vests or hats.  Clown shoes are optional. Shoe design would have to work with and support the costume. Hats are optional. If a hat is worn, it must be more pedestrian.  Ties and collars would be small in size and more pedestrian.  Socks will match the design of the costume.
Maatmeur rowtha 069


The reason for this article is that our very own Mimi asked me if I could explain how to apply lite Auguste makeup, Mimi would be a perfect candidate for this as she is working is some very warm climates and would benefit form the lighter load as it were.

Dr. Whack O Be

Dr. Whack O Be

J.T. “Bubba” Sikes has been a big part of introducing this look to the United Sates. He felt many clowns reaching their golden years did not clown anymore because of the lengthy makeup application. Bubba felt introducing the lite Auguste would prompt his friends into clowning longer and in some cases it has worked. We see J.T. in one of his characters using the lite Auguste makeup technique. Our friend Boo Boo has also created a lite look that she says is helpful when the need to do a quick clown face is in order. Below we see Boo Boo in full and lite Auguste.

Boo Boo (30)

Boo Boo lite

Now that we have some insight on lite Auguste, let’s grab the makeup kit and try it for ourselves.



My character Taupie is a full Auguste makeup  and a bit unique with his blue lip. Simply removing the wig and foundation color may look odd, this is why one should consider a “new face” for a lite Auguste look.


Mehron White pencil

Mehron Black pencil

Mehron Clown White

Mehron Foundation Red

Mehron Setting powder

Kryolan Aquacolor Red

Makeup wedge

Powder Brush


Step 1. I used my white pencil to outline my eye and mouth design.


Step 2. Clown white was applied, I use my fingers but use whatever application method works best for your needs.



Step 3. The red was added to lower lip only.

IMG_0037 Cropped

Step 4. The black liner pencil was used for detail lines and eyebrows.


Step 5. Use the makeup wedge to apply Aquacolor red as a dry blush to cheeks.


Step 6. You may paint on a nose to your new makeup or use a Clown nose as I did. This is your preference.

*Remember to pat and powder makeup to ensure proper setting.


With the addition of a Derby and colorful shirt I have a nice lite Auguste character. I certainly had fun trying this out and perhaps will use this look in the future. Have fun and experiment for yourself, you may find a new character of your own.

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