Video: One-Minute Spiderman Balloon by Balloon Josh

The new Spiderman movie is now in theaters and all superhero fans are excited about how the friendly neighborhood hero's story will unfold after Tony Stark's passing.

So, many kids will definitely love to have a Spiderman balloon art! Here's an easy and quick guide on how to create your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!

We'll start with a red balloon and a blue balloon. You want to leave about 4-5 inches of uninflated at the end. Start with the red balloon. You're going to do a one and a half inch bubble, a half inch bubble, and then a pinch twist. You're going to do the same thing again - one and a half inch bubble, a half inch bubble, followed by a pinch twist. Repeat again. Now we're done with the first leg.

Take your blue balloon and do the same thing as you did to your red balloon - one and a half inch bubble, half inch bubble, and a pinch twist. Do this three times. Now we have Spiderman's two legs.

Then you're going to put the two legs together, and make sure the butt cheeks are vertical. Hold it in the front, and with your other hand, you're going to rotate them clockwise, one full rotation. Then you're going to twist the balloons together and feed it through to keep it from untiwsting, and that's the body!

Now you're going to do a one and a half inch bubble, and another half inch bubble, and now you have an elbow! Do another one and a half inch bubble, and a half inch bubble, fold it over, pinch twist. Then you're going to take this pinch twist and do a split twist, by rolling it and then breaking off the excess.

Then do a one and a half inch bubble and a half inch bubble, and fold it over into a pinch twist. One and a half inch bubble, half inch bubble, fold it over, and pinch twist. If you don't want to do a split twist, you can do another pinch twist here and break off the excess. Bring the body forward and tuck the arms down.

Then I really like the Spiderman print heads. They're one of the few superhero heads that I think look good. Then you just attach the head to the base where the arms are and face it forward.

Now to draw the spider design on the chest. You start with just a small diamond. Below that, you do an elongated diamond, then you do four quick lines on the side, four lines on the other side, and that's the easiest way to do a Spiderman spider!

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Joshua Clark popularly known as Balloon Josh is a professional balloon twisting master! He made various tutorial videos for us and even did several Facebook Live sessions in our fan page.


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