Out of Control!


I am not a night person. Neither is Mimi the Clown. And we like there to be at least some measure of control in our lives. Sometimes things get out of control, especially at night.


Can I be honest and say that I think this was my least favorite event? This was the second event that we did while working with MAG (Mines Advisory Group). The first event with them was a bust. It was not well-organized or promoted, so there was no turnout.  I don’t like being out at night anyways, so to get into costume and makeup at 9:00 at night, and then not have anyone show up, was really irritating. Since this was the second event with those same people, I was a little hesitant. (I don’t remember if I wanted anyone to actually show up this time or not.)



As it turned out, there were children ready to learn about identifying ‘unexploded ordnances’ and then ready for a clown show. All of this was taking place at a youth center down south in the desert city of Tatouine in August, 2011.


The people from MAG took care of the serious part of the evening first, and then everyone went outside and played some games. After that, Mimi came out.


Things were going well; I was genuinely happy that there was an audience. I did my usual tricks with balloons and other props.


I don’t remember when things got out of control. It either started when I brought out balloons to make animals, or when the young men in charge of  the sound equipment cranked up the volume and were playing their kind of music. The event turned into a dance party.


In that picture, those three are looking and laughing at me. Mimi was being picked up by one of the young men! ‘Picked up’ meaning thrown over his shoulder and carried! My husband/bodyguard rescued me pretty quickly and I was put down, hopefully still with a smile on my face. This may not have been my favorite night, but it certainly was memorable.


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