Party Time!

IMG_0650How fun!! Instead of me being the one performing, I am sitting in the audience watching and laughing! This is the life! It feels like I am on vacation.


But seriously, I was invited to parties in May of this year at the day care centers that I regularly visit. They had Tunisian entertainers so I am going to share some pictures featuring Tunisian clowns and ‘animation’.


I have pictures from two different parties. One party had inflatables and a clown doing face painting. They also invited the women to participate in several games. (I almost won the game of musical chairs!)


In Tunisia, clowns almost always lead the audience in songs with hand motions. The entertainers are often magicians. I usually see them working together to present shows.


These are pictures from another party I went to in May. This entertainer has a lot of skills. He juggled various objects including rings, scarves, and clubs. He had many nice tricks.


They were well-equipped and professional with music, speakers, and a microphone. I enjoyed the show and the rest of the audience enjoyed it even more than I did. (I know, I need to take more Arabic lessons!) “Walid Kacem” did a funny bit with a puppet. The audience was hysterical!


To be honest, there were times during the performance that I became discouraged. I am so limited in what I can do because of the language issue. I also confess that I have not improved my clown skills much in the past few years. There just aren’t any clown training schools or camps in Tunisia. (I have actually considered offering to teach clowning to Tunisians who are interested in learning. Working at parties and tourist hotels would be good income for them.)


The clowns I have seen in Tunisia are not into the whole clown character. Like I said, they are primarily used to lead songs. The kids really enjoy them, though. And everyone has a good time with the entertainers. This performer was great with the kids.


He kept the show going and held everyone’s attention. His grand finale was doing tricks with bubbles. He was having a hard time because of the wind, but it was still impressive.


Along with enjoying being with my young friends and watching the show, I was taking notes. I am happy to say that I learned a few things.



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