Party! Tunisian-Style!


I took these pictures recently at one of the ‘rowthas’ (day care centers) in my neighborhood. No, not while I was in the middle of clowning! I saw the poster on their door a couple weeks ahead of time and was promptly invited to their party. I rarely turn down an invitation, especially when so many of my little friends will be there!



I don’t think there was any particular reason for this party; just a special day of fun for the children. There were two face painters, a bouncy house, and a trampoline.


The kids were good about waiting their turn for each activity.  I know that I have shared pictures featuring Tunisian parties and clowns before. When I attend these parties, I do not draw attention to myself or interfere with their plan. I don’t want to get in the way. I am content that the children (and teachers) are happy that I am present to share in the fun. Except that I was not allowed to play in the bouncy house…


But seriously, do you know how difficult it is to get a good picture of kids jumping up and down in one of those things?? I like watching the kids trying to find their shoes in the pile when they are done with the bouncy house and trampoline. Then again, I like the simple things in life and am easily entertained.


I never really know what to expect. I didn’t know if they would have a clown or not. After about an hour of face painting and playing, the teachers gathered the kids to one particular area and turned the music up louder. That was when a clown came out and led the children in hand motions to songs.


The place was packed with kids! Even the school-age students were in attendance and enjoying the event. After the clown left, a cartoon character appeared to lead the children in more energetic songs. I think that was ‘Ben 10’.


I liked him because he scared one little girl and she sat in my lap throughout the songs. After he left, a big chicken appeared to lead a couple more songs with movements.


I shared this event with you because I love these kids. And when I take the pictures, the lens I use is love.


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