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Paw Patrol is one of the most popular cartoon shows for kids nowadays!

So, you need to make sure you can at least create one or two of the characters in the show if you want to twist balloons in a kids' event!

Here's an easy and quick guide on how to create Paw Patrol characters brought to you by our favorite balloon master, Balloon Josh!

Balloon Josh here from Neverland Ballons and Face Painting with! Today, we're going to teach you how to make your very own Paw Patrol characters!

For this Paw Patrol character, we're going to need two brown balloons, one with about 5-6" uninflated, and the other with about 2-3" uninflated. We will also need a toffee colored balloon with about 4" uninflated, and two royal blue balloons with about 3-4" uninflated. And we're also going to need one white scrap with about 5" inflated.

We're going to start with the toffee colored balloon. You're going to make a loop twist, and pull the knot through to lock it in place. You're going to make another loop twist, and one more loop twist, so we have three loop twists. We're going to break that part off later, but first, we're going to grab one of our light brown balloons, the one with about 5-6" uninflated. We're going to tie the knot around the three loop twists. Once we have that tied in, we can now break off the extra part of the toffee colored balloon and wrap that around so those don't come undone.

Now we're going to make about a hands' width bubble, about 3-4", followed by a pinch twist, and then go back down with another hand width bubble. So as you can see, we just went up, pinch twist, and back down. Now we're going to attach the white scrap for the eyes. We tie the knot around the base, go up, tie it around, with the pinch twist, and now we're going to go back down and tie it back around the three loop twists.

As you can see, you have the three loop twists, and with the brown, you went up, and then pinch twist it back down, and with the white, we just went around the pinch twist and down.

Now we're going to use this remaining part of the brown to do the sides of the head and the ears. So we're going to go down, and it's going to be a little bit longer than the previous bubbles. Followed by a small loop twist. This is going to be one ear. Then we do a small bubble, and we will attach that to the pinch twist at the top of the head. And we're going to mirror this on the other side. Small bubble, followed by a small loop twist, and we're going to bring it back down and tie it around the three loop twists at the base of the head. Then you can go ahead and break that off and then just wrap it around so it doesn't leak out air. That's the base for our head.

Now we're going to be taking the blue, because we're going to be doing Chase. We take the knot, tie it around the ear, go over, and twist it around the other ear. Now we're going to go back over, and twist it around the other ear. We're going to do this two more times. So you should have four bubbles. We break off the excess, and tuck it in. And this is the head for Chase!

Now we could stop here, and just add a base, but we're going to continue and also make the body. So we'll take our other light brown balloon and tie it around the base of the three loop twists. Then we're going to make about a one and a half inch bubble, followed by two pinch twists. So one small pinch twist, followed immediately by a second small pinch twist.

Now we're going to make the legs. So you're down about a hands' width or about 3-4 inches, and then back up, wrap it around the pinch twists, and those will be your front legs. Don't do the back legs yet, because now we need to put on their little vest that they wear. For this, you're going to make a small bubble, and then you're going to make a large loop twist, and then tie that knot around, essentially turning that first bubble into what looks like a pinch twist.

Then do a small spacer bubble, followed by a loop twist. You should have enough space to do three of these. One more spacer bubble and one last loop twist, and you should have a little bit of extra bubble left, and then just wrap the excess around. Now we're going to slide that onto the back part of the dog body, and now we're going to make two more legs. Do a simple lock twist, and then a pinch twist at the base to lock it in place and also to force the tail to go down. A little pressure squeeze to make sure everything's looking good. I turn the head sideways and I usually give the nose a little squeeze to make sure it's pointing up.

For the eyes, on pretty much all of my character balloons, I love doing just the standard old school Disney eyes, which I call the Pacman eyes. Add a little nose and a smiley mouth, and there's our fun little Paw Patrol puppy!

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