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Pikorete The Clown is our new addition to our list of bloggers in Clown Antics. He is going to be writing about different topics, including but not limited to his stories and funny experiences, face painting tutorials and balloon figures, how to start a clown business, tips for clowning, and much more.

Clown In Rochester NY

Pikorete was born in June 17, 2005 between the towns of Humacao and Yabucoa in Puerto Rico. His father is called Lyot The Magician and his mother is called Magic Adventures. His foster parents are Jaime and Aracelys.

Clown Pikorete Father Lyot MagicianPikorete also has a whole bunch of brothers and sisters including Golfito, Happy Face, Arita, Tin Tin, Risito, Kekerete, Pizzerito, Azotín, Pelujilla, and Barney. Along with these close ones, he also has from 100 to 200 brothers & sisters around the world.
124This photo was taken last year in June 2005 during the 10th birthday celebration of Pikorete with his clown pals in Puerto Rico.

Over the years, Pikorete has gone through a few transformations since the first day he started clowning.

Pikorete Clown NY RochesterThis was how Pikorete looked like with his yellow hair in his first public presentation in 2005.

Pikorete clown and PikitoPikorete then changed his face paint from red to blue. He is accompanied by Pikito, his son.

Payaso Pikorete pasadoHere you can see him again with his red face paint and blue hair.

Pikorete & Pompita Face PainterPikorete and Pompita The Face Painter are working together since 2011.

Pikorete & Pompita 2016This is how Pikorete and Pompita look in 2016.

During these past 11 years in the clowning industry, Pikorete has been working on the way he looks to look as friendly as possible for the kids and for some adults which are scare of clowns. Up to this point he has done a pretty good job as demonstrated by all the kids that are now less scared to approach him comparing to his beginnings.

Pikorete’s next posts are going to be full of fun and informational things that has to do all about the clowning world.

See you next time.

Pikorete The Clown serves the area in Rochester, NY and nearby cities. Pikorete likes to celebrate Birthdays for kids and adults alike, Baby Showers, Sweet 16, Graduations, Weddings, school parties and any other event that the host wants it to be fun. His specialty is making little people and big people, young and old, laugh with his funny games, dances, and other crazy stuffs that he does or that he invents at the moment. You can visit his website at http://www.pikoretetheclown.com

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