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Every clown desires to create a look very personal for him or herself when designing their clown face. One item that can really set your design apart is the clown nose. Some clowns simply choose to paint on a nose, which can work well, others will choose a false nose. So where to begin?

The first thing that jumps to mind for average person is the soft foam nose often found with Halloween clown costumes. While these work well for “dress up”, I would advise against this option if you were pursuing a career as a professional clown as the foam nose looks amateur.

Quality Professional noses are typically made from foam or soft latex and are very durable and with proper care will last the user a long time. Let’s take a look at two popular brands Jim Howle and Pro Knows. Having used both these brands personally, I can say although very different in design both brands are of excellent quality and worked well for my needs.

Miles wearing a Jim Howle nose.

Miles wearing a Jim Howle nose.

The Jim Howle nose is constructed of a thin latex, hand made and painted by Jim himself. Not having a heavy inner core makes these noses very comfortable on the face, as you tend not to feel the nose pulling on your own. As the nose is soft and flexible using the nose putty is recommended for proper fit and support of the clown nose. One will still need to use the proper adhesive to secure the nose after fitting the nose with the putty. While wearing my Jim Howle tramp nose I seldom if ever get the slipping that may occur with a heavier style. Jim has his own type of adhesive called “That” re-stick-able adhesive which allows you to remove and re apply the nose several times if needed during your gig.

Tippy sporting a ProKnows.

Tippy sporting a ProKnows.

ProKnows brand has been around a very long time and probably is the most know in the clown biz. With a variety of styles and finishes you will have fun picking your nose for sure. This nose consists of a sturdy foam core covered in a beautiful protective finish.  Theses noses to tend to run in sizes due to the inner core, however one can simply trim out the center if needed for a nose that may fit too snug. Once you find the style that suits you best adhesive again will be used to secure the nose. ProKnows offers an acrylic and latex based adhesive as well as their own line of remover.

Using any professional brand of adhesive and remover typically will work with either the ProKnows or Jim Howle noses. If you have a latex allergy than you may consider one of the non-latex medical grade adhesives.




Jim Howle

Running noses: Your clown nose slipping out of place can be a common occurrence if you do not take proper preparation steps before applying your clown nose.

~Make sure the clown nose is clean and free of old adhesive and makeup.

~Make sure your nose is clean and the area you wish to apply the nose is best left free of makeup.

~Try using Skin Prep/No Sweat prior to adhering the nose to help prevent slipping due to perspiration.

~Follow the instructions of your adhesive, different brands may vary in set times.

Cleaning the nose after use before you store it is a good practice as it will help with the longevity of the nose and you will always have a fresh nose when you next apply your clown face.

We hope this insight was helpful and that you have a great many uses out of your clown nose.


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