Clown Eye Templates

With Halloween right around the corner, these clown eye templates will come in handy! Whether you're using them as a face painting stencil or to carve out a pumpkin, these clown eyes will work for just about any craft project you have in mind!

When we think of clowns, we all have a different picture in our heads. Some of us think of silly and happy clowns, while some of us envision scary, nightmare-worthy clowns. Whatever your vision though, there is no avoiding a clown face...especially during Halloween time!

Clown Eye Templates

If you're new to clowning, you may not know exactly how to pain a clown eye and these clown eye templates may just be what you need!

#1. A General Guide on Clown Eye Placement

Learn more about the basics of clown makeup in this article!

Clown Eye Examples

Take a look at the above image to familiarize yourself with where everything is. Generally, a clown face will have exaggerated eyebrows to accentuate the eye area. 

#2. Clown Eyebrows

Printable Clown Eyebrows

These clown eyebrows are a great example of all the different types of eyebrows a clown can sport. There are highly arched brows, frowned brows, and even rectangle shaped brows. These templates give you an insight as to the different types of eyebrows and can help you choose what types of eyebrows you want for your clown.

#3. Clown Eyes

Printable Clown Eyes

A clown will also have different types of "eye makeup". The most commonly recognized shape would be the two triangles (bottom left corner). To make your clown face stand out more, try using different types of eyes. This will give your clown a unique look!


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