Purple Alien (Monster) Sneakadoodle Tutorial


This little purple cartoon can go either way for being an alien or monster, but in any case, he’s fun for both girls and boys. You can change the colors and the eye shape to get a totally different look, and add glitter for kids who like sparkle. The speed of this design makes it an especially good for a festival faces which give great visual impact, but is fast to do.


• Paradise purple
• Paradise Amazon green
• Paradise yellow
• Paradise orange
• Diamond FX white (or Wolfe white)
• Diamond FX black (or Wolfe black or Global strong black)
• Sponge
• #2 round brush
• 1/2-inch flat or filbert brush
• #5 round brush


Sponge a combination of yellow and orange over the forehead in a mottled pattern, leaving a half-circle area for the head of the alien/monster.


Using your #5 round brush, paint the eyes and nose. Paint around the facial features with a flat brush or filbert brush and purple.


Using your #2 round brush, add eyebrows, eyes, antennae, and outlines.


Use the tip of the #2 round brush to add white highlights.


Load your sponge with Amazon green and select your favorite stencil to add a texture to the background around the forehead.


Enjoy your alien/monster!

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. Stop by Facepaint.com to check out her other face painting blog posts and tutorials. If you’re on Facebook, join the Facepaint.com Challenge Group to showcase your artwork and have a chance to win a store credit for each week’s challenge.

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