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Halloween is approaching fast and you were hoping to be something creepy or a little gory but not sure if you can pull it off. Well let’s scare up a few ideas for you with some of our special effect and ready to go face design kits.


You can’t get much simpler than a tattoo transfer and Tinsley has a wide variety of wild and scary designs for you to get a monster makeover in just minutes. If you know how to do a temporary tattoo, then you can apply one of these awesome looking effect transfers like a sugar skull, burned alive or a tribal zebra tattoo.


Want a little more realism; the 3D effects transfers by Tinsley are just what the mad doctor ordered. Very similar to the tattoos in design and application but now you have an actual gel appliance. The photo at the top of the article is done with a Tinsley effect transfer and a bruise wheel; this look was done in just a few minutes. The clean up is even faster, they pull of like a bandage.

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We also have all in one character kits Like the skull or Goth/ punk makeover that include the makeup, applicators and instructions to help you achieve the desired look. Stage blood will help enhance the look of a gore makeup design or try some tooth effects for a creepy smile.

If you order now, you can get your supplies shipped in time for Halloween and don’t forget to use code Halloween 10 when ordering to receive your discount.


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