Rascally Raccoon Video Tutorial

So far we have shown you some easy magic and balloon twists on the Clown Channel, but now it’s time to add in something new. We want to introduce you to another side of clowning, the wonderful world of props and gags. To start things off we will take a look at something that is part puppet and part prop, the spring animals. These little critters are so much fun to use for walk around appearances as they are very portable but play big, so big they are also great in a stage show.

What is a spring animal? 


Very simply, it’s like a stuffed animal toy with a spring inside for a body in lieu of the stuffing. The spring allows the performer to animate the little animal as if it were alive, producing plenty of opportunities for clowny fun. With practice one can get these critters moving and wriggling around so perfectly that folks believe it’s the real thing. You can even let people pet them as they are fury and feel pretty real to the touch.

Specific breeds.


We carry raccoon and skunk style critters that vary in price range. The reality raccoon, which is featured in the video, is very realistic looking even at close range. The economy versions still look good but do resemble a stuffed toy a bit more than the higher end version. The photo below features Rustopher with his pal Smudge, which is the realistic looking skunk version of the spring animal. Either model if handled properly can produce great results and are a super fun to play with.


Let’s take a look at the video link to see the raccoon in action. Now remember, like any good routine you need to practice the moves so the performance is smooth and come up with a skit and story line that is true to your character and personality.

For more videos, stop by the Clown Channel.



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