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Reading a book by the fireside.

Okay we know your parents always said not to play with fire but this is the exception. Fire magic is very impressive but still needs to be treated with great care, we want the trick to be exciting but not dangerous. When used properly fire magic can be a great addition to your show, we will talk about some of the fire magic we sell, with ideas for your act and safety tips as well.

Flash materials: 

Items like flash string and paper are a great way to start the addition of fire effects into your show. They are relatively easy to work with and can make production and even vanishing of items very eye catching. These products are treated with a chemical that allows them to burn rapidly not only creating a nice flash but greatly reduces the risk of getting burned or catching something on fire. Flash products ignite easily with match, butane lighter or a glow element igniter. The glow igniters are often used in a prop such as the fire book.

An easy trick:

  1. Cut about a 2″ square of flash paper and also get yourself a quarter.
  2. Hold the flash paper at the tip of your fingers and thumb with the quarter hidden behind.
  3. Use lighter to ignite the flash paper and give both flash paper and quarter a toss into the air. The flash paper will burn quickly giving the illusion that it turns into the quarter.
  4. Catch the quarter and display to the audience. You can now vanish the quarter with your favorite method.

Flame Book: 

The flame book is a great stand alone sight gag or can be incorporated into a routine. The book has a button on the bottom which when pushed activates the glow element. You have a wick inside the book, which must be wet with lighter fluid prior to use. The element will heat up thus causing the fuel on the wick to flame up. To extinguish fire simply close the book.

Igniter button and power switch.

Igniter button and power switch.

Wick and glow igniter.

Wick and glow igniter.

Use caution:

Having a fire extinguisher or bucket of water on hand when performing fire magic is a good safety measure. Be cautious of carpet, furniture and other surfaces that may be a potential fire hazard.  Taking these precautions can allow you to be more at ease to put on a show without a flame up.

Have fun and be safe as you explore the world of fire magic!


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