Red Nose Day / Cartoon

Soomi Red Nose Day.

Soomi Red Nose Day.

Clown noses are red and their lips are too, helping out others is the right thing to do!

Okay so I don’t claim to be a poet, but now that I have your attention let’s talk about RED NOSE  DAY! Once again NBC will be bringing us the televised Red Nose Day show on May 26th. This is a night of fun and laughter which helps raise funds for those in need.

What is Red Nose Day?

This is a program that started 18 years ago in the UK as a fundraiser to help children in need, the group is part of the Comedy for a Cause movement. Actors, comedians and other celebrities come together to put on a show to bring awareness to the poor living conditions, poverty and in general the need of others around the world.  This is done so through a huge show which also raises funds to help bring clean drinking water, food, clothing and health care to those who otherwise may go without basic needs being met.

Spreading the word:

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In the UK Red Nose Day is well known, even some of their products advertise like this box of tea. In the US, Red Nose Day is still fairly new and we need to help spread the word. Walgreen’s sells the official RED NOSE for just one dollar and you could wear it proudly as you share the news about the nose. The NBC televised special is catching on and hopefully will be even an greater success this year.

What can I do:

Having a fundraiser is a great way to show your support and the Red Nose Day site has plenty of ideas for you. Also you can make a pledge through the site or set up a fundraising campaign of your own. Simply telling others about this great event is also a very important and is easy to do, especially if you are wearing your Red Nose.

Walgreen's official Red Nose.

Walgreen’s official Red Nose.

Please join us at Clown Antics along with the rest of the supporters in making this Red Nose Day event a huge success.

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