Rounding up the Clowns.


Don’t worry, this is not a shoot out at the O. K. Corral but a round up for education.

The Clown Antics crew love to share news and knowledge about the clowning world and one place to get educated is at a clown convention. Here in the Mid West we have the yearly Midwest Clown Association Round Up, which is hosted in part by local area clown alleys along with the MCA. This year Merriville Indiana is home to the convention, held September 29th through October 4th, the theme is ” Sweet Home Indiana.” The conventions have themes each year and part of the fun is to incorporate this into the convention festivities. Last year the convention was held in Michigan with a Renaissance theme, the guests were encouraged to dress in period costumes for the kick off banquet.

Lectures and workshops are available with a range of topics from balloon twisting to performance tips and just about everything in between. Contests are also held for all who are interested with categories on costuming, makeup, skits and more. Even if entering a contest is not your style, they are fun to watch and you may even get an idea or two for your clown routine.


This year your featured performer/lecturer is Aurora “Bebop” Krause, a World Clown Association past president and WCA clown of the year 2009. Aurora is truly a skilled clown and has taught at a variety of clown gatherings. This year her list of topics include musical acts, audience participation, character development and much more, sounds like she has a great program put together. Attending a convention can really get you recharged and full of new exciting ideas for your act and also just a great time to hang out and have fun with other clowns.

You might think we are jumping the gun running a post about an event held in September, but not true. You want to get on the ball and make reservations early to guarantee your spot. Plus, save up some spending money because the dealers at these conventions will have some super deals.

For more information about the Midwest Clown Association, follow this link to the MCA homepage.

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