Scare Factor


Halloween is just a few days away but you have a little over a week to still enter the scary face paint contest. We want to see how crazy, spooky and fantastically wild you can get with your mad face painting skills. You will have a chance at winning the Judges pick; a $100.00 in store credit or the voters pick a $50.00 in store credit. That can be used on any of our merchandise at Clown Antics, like a new wig, that giant foam prop you’ve been eyeing, new brushesmakeup…..well you get the picture.


If you have your heart set on Halloween supplies we even have some ready to go Halloween themed face paint kits and pallets like the Snazzaroo ghoul and gore or the Wolfe Vampires kit.


Snazaroo also has a cool FX kit for scars and other creepy skin effects, safe and easy to use. As a matter of fact we have quite an extensive line of Halloween products just waiting for you to explore.


One of my favorite things about Halloween time is the use of black lights to give things an eerie glow. We have a full line of Neon paints, which glow when exposed to the black light. You can do fancy or scary designs and get a great response form on lookers either way.

WPNeon butterfly

If you haven’t already entered the contest and have some neon paints on hand that might be a project for you. We have 15 entries currently but we would like to bring up the body count, the more the scarier! Tell your friends and have a little fun together. We look forward to seeing your creative designs.

Happy Haunting!


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