Send in The Clowns



I can’t even count how many times in my life I have prayed, “Here I am, Lord! Send me!” Little did I know that when God sent me, I would be in clown costume.


My family and I have traveled all across this beautiful country in North Africa. We believe we were sent here according to God’s purposes, so when we find ourselves in a school, in the middle of nowhere, we know we were sent.


We have had the pleasure of making friends in our neighborhood and being invited to meet their families in other parts of the country. One of my good friends for the past 6 years has family living out in the countryside, in-between two small towns. Out on the main road, and I use that term very loosely, there is a school.


On one of our visits, we decided to introduce ourselves to the director of the school. I didn’t have my clown supplies with me, but the director invited us to return the next day and do some fun things with the students. My husband, Hector, always draws a crowd with his rubber band tricks!


We made plans and had a great time clowning there in November, 2013. Mimi was the first clown to visit their school. The students were thrilled!


There is one thing I remember very clearly about this event. The director of the school welcomed us and told us how much he was looking forward to a clown show at his school. Oddly, he was nowhere to be found on the day of the event, but some other men were there. Looking at pictures with our friends later, we asked who those men were. Teachers? Parents? None of the above! We suspect they were undercover police of some sort, making sure we didn’t do anything ‘inappropriate’. The director of the school was just being careful.  We have no hidden agenda. We bring love and laughter.


We don’t even want anything. Usually when I clown I don’t ask for money. That surprises them!  On the rare occasion that someone actually asks me to clown, I will charge money. If I initiate the event, it is free. Well, it is often voluntary even when they invite us!


We may not be able to give money, but we give what we have: our time and talents.

And we are blessed. Always.

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