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Clowns love to advertise the fact that they are clowns even when in plain clothes. Some folks might wear jewelry or buttons indicating they are a clown or perhaps even having a customized plate for their vehicle. Well, we at Clown Antics are devoted to spreading the good news of clowning and have a variety of items to help do exactly that. So let’s take a peek shall we?


When out and about on your everyday business you can display the fact you are a clown by wearing a clown badge. We stock a variety of badges with different sayings some subtle like “Giggle Therapist” and others more direct like “Off Duty Clown”. This is a simple and affordable way to share your alter ego with society.


Looking for something with a bit more flare? Maybe clown jewelry is more your style. We have some snazzy rhinestone jewelry for those who need the sparkle. Perhaps you need the more in your face kind of accessory, then the rubber chicken earrings and necklace would be right up your alley.


Maybe badges and jewelry is not your thing, so for you we have clown socks. Many of you know we have one of the largest on line sock inventories around which include “I Love Clowning” socks, which allow you to spread the word with every step you take.

We have sizes for both men and women.


This simple ankle sock has a great little clown face, which gives the indication that there is more to the wearer than meets the eye.


A clown car nose is a 6″ plastic nose, which easily installs to the front of your vehicle with zip ties. This is a classic and certainly looks great as you pull up to a gig or maybe drive your car in a parade. Even the gang at our warehouse like this little gem, they strapped one to a shelving unit at the shop.





Perhaps you have a special clown on your holiday shopping list or maybe need a secret Santa gift for the Clown Alley Holiday party. We have some nice clown gift ideas that may be just the perfect thing. These little figurines also are great little household decorations.

IMG_0003 IMG_0005

For some the need to add a personal touch gives way to some clever ideas in “off duty” clown attire. I have made two personalized shirts to show off my clown heritage simply by using iron on letters from the craft store. This was fun, simple to make and the cost didn’t break the bank.

If you have some unique way to show your Clown Spirit, email a photo to: I would love to share some of your ideas with our readers.

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