Silks to Peppermint Stick


I know it may seem early for Christmas themed magic but that magical time of year is already upon us….at least in the retail world.

The other night one of my magician friends called needing a quick production routine to perform as he is introducing the arrival of Santa at a local shopping mall. I popped down to my magic collection to see what I could find and the appearing candy stick (similar to the 8′ appearing wand) immediately caught my eye. The gears started to turn as I spied the trusty change bag and in a few minutes I had the perfect routine for my friend. So here is the set up of props and an example of a routine for you to try.





*Appearing Candy Stick

*Change bag

*18″ Red Silk

*18″ White Silk

The Set up:

IMG_0005 IMG_0006

1. To set the appearing cane simply open the prop at the slit, flatten and roll toward opposite end. Secure with rubber band or pony tail tie.


2. Load this into one compartment of change bag, now set the bag to the empty compartment. You are ready to perform.


1. Allow a child from the audience to assist you. Display the red and white silks to audience and hand them to your helper.

IMG_0008 IMG_0009

2. Show the change bag empty by simply grasping the rolled candy stick through bottom of change bag and bush bag inside out. Practice this move so it does not appear that you are holding something through the bag. Return the bag to start position.

3. Have your helper place silks in bag one at a time.

4. Give a magical gesture over the bag, reach in and pull out the 8′ candy stick.

5. This is accomplished by switching the bag to the compartment housing the rolled stick, sliding off the band securing the roll and pulling the stick out from the bag. Practice this move as well so that the production of the wand is quick and seamless.


5. If you wish you may now turn the bag inside out once more showing it empty.

This is a simple yet astonishing effect as it happens quickly and the production of such a large item from a small bag is boggling.

*As an extra kick you could have loaded some wrapped peppermint candies in the compartment with appearing stick to then hand out at the finale.


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