Sock it to me!

With all the wonderful clown costume designs and pattern choices, we here at Clown Antics put our best foot forward and set out to have the biggest selection of crazy socks a clown could ever want.

Having the right socks with your clown costume really helps the flow of your whole look; especially if you are portraying a specific character. One example; a character that is a golfer must have argyle socks; we have them and different colors to choose from.

striped socks - red goldStriped socks are always a popular look for any of the clown types and boy do we have a selection of colors to choose from.
zebra socks - lime with blackIf that is not wild enough for your taste, we have zebra striped as a clever alternative.

quarter crew - clown face headGoing out on the town, yet you still want to let everyone you have the coolest job ever? Our colorful sock section has some fun novelty socks. You can pick up a pair of sweet ankle socks that have a clown face or I “heart” clowning printed on them.

polka dot socksDon’t act like you're not impressed! Perhaps polka dots are more your style or even just a solid color knee high. As always, if you do not see what you are looking for in the online store, please ask our customer service department.

Tip: If you are a clown who is working quite regularly, have a second pair of your favorite socks, that way there is always a clean pair ready to go for your next gig.

Check out the wide selection of Clown Socks at Clown Antics!


Stan C. Wolnic: Vaudeville Comic and Argyle Sock Enthusiast

Stan C Wolnic, Argyle Sock EnthusiastStan is well-known for his penchant for wearing argyle socks while golfing. He felt the argyles were were a distraction to the other players in his weekly foursome. The more likely distraction was Stan's sometimes extreme reactions to slicing the ball into the trees or some other hazard.

Often when on the links with his chums Roger Arbuckle and Steve Chaplin, Stan would always mug it up for the press by pulling out one of his crazy prop golf clubs. Stan also became noted for wearing the argyle socks even when he wasn't golfing; he was once quoted as saying "They make me feel taller."

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