Some Fishy Videos

I have already told you that I usually start my shows by playing catch with a fish. I mean, I play catch with the kids by throwing a stuffed fish, I don't actually play catch with the fish. They don't have hands. Got it? Okay, good!

Today, I have pictures and a video from fairly recent events.  (Oh, by the way, did you notice the pictures? I found Nemo and Dory!) Just keep swimming...

Just keep writing...

I also have two videos I made up on the roof the other morning. They are instructional, how-to videos in which I demonstrate how to fake-throw the fish, and how to kick it when trying to pick it up. You will understand better when you watch the videos.

Here is a short video from one of Chahloula's first events this year at the school for the deaf in Sousse, Tunisia...

 When I start my shows playing with the audience like this, it sets the tone for the rest of the show. They are free to play and have fun and interact with Chahloula.

I start by simply tossing the fish to kids and having them throw it back to me, and then I take it from there. I hold my arms in a loop and have kids throw the stuffed animal through the circle.

And then I find an older boy, or an adult, and I look like I am going to throw the fish overhand really hard. It surprises everyone when the fish just disappears into thin air! Instead of throwing it, I drop it (and catch it) behind my back. Here is the video...

I do that a few times while playing with the audience. Another trick I do is kicking the fish away when I reach for it when it is on the ground. This is nice when there is plenty of room. Sometimes this little trick doesn't work because kids are too fast and they pick the fish up before I can kick it.

My husband and I went up on the roof at 6:00 a.m. to do these videos. Seriously, it gets too hot by 8:00 in the summer! 

I share my stories with you and I hope you enjoy them. Now it is my turn to read your stories in the Clown Antics Amazing Clown Story Contest!

I am looking forward to reading your amazing story!!

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