Some Other Great Clown Costume Accessories

One of the best parts of being a clown is sprucing up your outfit with some cool clown accessories. 
  • Clown Hoods: For a white face, a clown hood is probably the most functional accessory they have. A hood greatly decreases the amount of white make up needed to complete their face.
  • Clown Cuffs: In the hot months it's nice to leave the jacket at home and wear a long sleeve shirt and vest to help stay cool; a nice set of clown cuffs will dress up this look. 
    Clown Cuffs
  • Lapel Flowers: Lapel flowers and hair ribbons add color to your look. 
    Clown Lapel Flowers

  • Suspenders and Shoe Laces: A couple of accessories that are functional and fun are suspenders and shoelaces. I like to change my shoelaces sometimes for a different style to jazz things up a bit. 

    Suspenders Shoe Laces
  • Clown Badges: No clown should be without some funny clown badges. Clown badges inspire many conversations; people always want to know what IYQ or URAQT is supposed to mean. Once you have them reeled in you can dazzle them with your awesome skills. 
These are just a few things you can get to help stand out from the crowd, well the clown crowd that is. So go ahead show them your flare.
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