Sportin’ new socks

Softball socks

Softball socks


Wearing awesome, colorful socks has been a thing in the clown world forever but the rest of the world may be catching on.


A good sport: 

When I was growing up the sports socks were the white knee high socks with the color bands at the top. Trends changed to the lower cut or calf socks and now many of the athletes even wear the no show socks for sports. Although many baseball teams have gone with the long pants some players still go with knee length pants and tall sports socks. Softball has kept more to the short pants and tall socks as there norm which allows the chance to show off the team colors.



Fashion trends often come full circle and what our parents once wore is in style for the next generation. This retro look is back with wearing knee high and over the knee color socks and shorts much like the days of the roller rink. Add in a pair of Chuck Taylors with your knee high socks and you really are rockin’ the retro look. We have a large variety so you can find a match for most any outfit.

Over the top:


Thigh high stockings are pretty popular in leg wear, even more “over the top” than the knee high socks. Thigh highs make a statement and give you a chance to really express yourself with hosiery. They not only are a fun fashion item but also are really trending on the Cosplay circuit.

One could easily argue stripped and patterned socks aren’t just for clowns anymore. So hop on over to our sock page and get your feet into some new gear today!


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