Springtime Balloon Creations - Bunny Balloon

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The air will soon be filled with the sweet smell of spring, beautiful flowers and Easter baskets. So lets get working on some fun, spring themed, balloon creations. You know practice makes perfect!

The Bunny Balloon: Making a bunny is one of my favorites as a twister; if you can make a dog you can make this simple one-balloon rabbit! In the immortal words of Elmer J. Fudd; “It’s Wabbit Season!”

Twisting tips: Engage your audience in the balloon making process by asking silly questions like' “Rabbits have little tiny ears right?’ or “Bunnies usually eat a lot of chocolate don’t they?” Any silly talk to keep the moment alive is good; just don’t stand there making balloons like a vending machine.

Twist a small bubble behind the knot for your bunny nose

Step 1: Inflate a 260 leaving about a 1-inch tail. Trap a small bubble of air at the nozzle and tie this into the knot, this will make your bunnies nose.


Twist a small bubble to make the bunny nose Step 2: Just behind your knot bubble start with a 2-inch bubble for the head.



Make two 6 inch bubbles for the bunny ears Step 3: Make two bubbles about 6-inches for the ears and lock twist to the head.



Twist a 1 inch bubble and two 3 inch for the neck and forelegsStep 4: A 1-inch bubble for the neck followed two 3-inch bubbles for the front legs and lock twist together.



Twist a 4 inch bubble for the bunny body Step 5: The body is a 3 ½ to 4-inch bubble and two 6 ½ to 7 inch bubbles for the hind legs. This leaves a 1- inch bubble for the tail, lock twist this portion.

Two 7 inch bubbles for the bunny back legsQuick tip: Briefly fold the remainder of the balloon after the body in half, continuing about an inch past halfway to measure for the back legs and tail. This ensures two legs of even length and a tail approximately 1-inch.

Use a black marker to draw a bunny face Step 6: With black marker in hand, add eyes and whiskers to make the rabbit come to life. Snip the extra piece of nozzle hanging from the nose bubble and your rabbit is complete.


Adorable Balloon Bunny Step 7: Tuck the front legs into the loop the hind legs so your rabbit is sitting.

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