Springtime Balloon Creations - Spring Flower Balloon

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The air will soon be filled with the sweet smell of spring, beautiful flowers and Easter baskets. So lets get working on some fun, spring themed, balloon creations. You know practice makes perfect!

The Flower Balloon: Let’s try a new twist on an old standard. The flower balloon is a great two-balloon creation that doesn’t take long to make, and there are a variety of styles. This version I substitute using a pinch twist at the end of the stem balloon for the usual tulip twist, just for a different look.

Twisting Tips: As always, remember to entertain the crowd while making your balloon creations.
  • This technique of inflating your balloon in a spiral pattern will really impress the crowd.
  • When making the petals, have some fun there too! When I get to the bow tie part hold it up to your neck like a bow tie or show them your new glasses. Invert it and ask what number they see, it’s the number eight. My line “Today boys and girls our program was brought to you by the number eight,” (insert laughter here).
  • Finally, when you hand out the balloon, ask if they know what kind of flower it is… it's a spring flower of course!

Make the stem

Step 1: Inflate a 260 (preferably a shade of green) fully, hold the air in the balloon for at least 10 seconds - you want the balloon very soft for the next step - then release the air from the balloon.
Wrap the balloon around your hand while inflating to create a spiral. Step 2: Hold the end of the balloon between your thumb and base of the index finger with about an inch of the tail below your thumb, wrapping the remainder of the balloon around your fingers. Inflate your balloon and tie it off. You now should have a spiral twist to your stem.
Pinch twist the knot end of the stem Step 3: At the knot end, do a pinch twist and your stem is complete for now.

Make the petals

Tie the balloon in a circle using the knot and tail Step 4: Inflate a 260 of a bright colour, leaving a 1 inch tail, burp the balloon and tie it off. Then tie the 260 in a circle using the knot end and one-inch tail and knot end.
Twist the balloon in half Step 5: Holding the balloon circle with your knots at the bottom, locate the center, pinch the balloon together at this point and give it three or four twists. The balloon should now resemble a bow tie.
Twist the folded balloon in quarters to create petals Step 6:  While holding the balloon in this bow tie position, fold the two loops together and pinch the opposite edge, then twist the whole thing together two or three times.
Now you have 4 flower petals Step 7: Spread the petals open, and you now have your flower.

Assemble the flower

Easy Spring Flower Balloon Step 8: Push the pinch twist of your stem into the center of the petals and give them a lock twist. Your flower should now have a fun new look.

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