Stencil-Enhanced, Batman-Inspired Mask

2016-03-31 CA-BatmanStepFinalD-W

Since I’m in the midst of updating my superhero designs, I didn’t want to omit miss a mask inspired by Batman. I used a stencil to enhance this basic mask design, which is similar to one created by Ashlea Henson, but which has a more masculine shape and stays away from the eyes, making it easier to paint on children who don’t like anything around the eyes. Stencil texture is a great way to bring something extra to your superhero masks.


TAG light blue face paint
TAG royal blue face paint
Paradise black face paint
TAG pearl black face paint
Diamond FX white face paint
TAG pearl blue face paint
Paradise silver face paint
#1 round brush
1/2-inch flat brush
Stencil of choice


Begin by loading one end of your half-sponge with TAG light blue, and the other half with TAG royal blue. Fill the center area just above the eyes with the light blue, and then use the darker blue closer to the hair line.

2016-03-31 CA-BatmanStep01

2016-03-31 CA-BatmanStep02

Next, load your 1/2-inch flat brush with a combination of Paradise black and Diamond FX metallic black. Make two lines as shown in the photo with the edge of your brush.

2016-03-31 CA-BatmanStep03

Make a head shape on the top, and bring the bottom down to a V.

2016-03-31 CA-BatmanStep04

The wings will swing up from the center toward the hairline. After reaching their apex, make curves down around the eye to the cheek bones.

2016-03-31 CA-BatmanStep05B

Make one more curve from the bottom of the center V-shape to the outer edge of the wing, and you will have completed your bat. Fill in the area with your black mixture.

2016-03-31 CA-BatmanStep06

I used one of Lea Selley’s graffiti stencils for the design on the wing, but you could use any favorite stencil for this part. One child might prefer swirls, while another will prefer geometric shapes. Load your sponge with a dry-ish mixture of Paradise silver and TAG pearl blue, and sponge it over the stencils while you hold them on the black wings. If you want a mirror image, you may need to clean your stencil before flipping it to do the second side.

2016-03-31 CA-BatmanStep07

Finally, use your small round brush to add a few white stars, starbursts, and highlights as well as some black bats flying through the sky.

2016-03-31 CA-BatmanStepFinalB-W

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She also writes blog posts for and articles for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.

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