TAG you’re it!

One of the best things about working for Clown Antics is trying out new products and being a make artist, playing with face paints is at the top of my “favorite things to do” list. This summer while working on Face Paint sample photos I came across a brand unfamiliar to me called TAG. Like many of you if you have a favorite brand all new comers are met with a sneering eye as if to say “nobody else dare make a face paint that challenges my old stand by.”  However, that’s what makes the world of face painting so exciting; constant  improvements to current products and introduction of new brands.

So back to TAG. This face and body paint company out of Australia has really hit the market hard with brilliant colors that are very opaque delivering excellent coverage and are long lasting on the skin. Clean up is also very easy even with the heavy pigment, so best of both worlds; rich color and easy clean up.The sample above shows a portion of the colors in the generous 12 color TAG regular palette. The Pearl palette is also amazing and gives a brilliant shimmer to any face paint design. Like their competitors, TAG has the specialty pallets like Neon and split cakes as well. This is certainly a brand worth looking in to, you never know you may have a new favorite.

Spoiler Alert!

We just got a package from the Netherlands….hmmmm what could it be?


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